Design & Planning

Realbuilds Design service lays the foundation for making your dream home come to reality.

We identify the purpose of the construction and our clients needs and wishes, to ascertain your thoughts and ideas on the materials, colours and textures to be used in the build or on complementing an existing building. The process is to ensure all aspects of the design are achievable, will meet local planning requirements and tick all the boxes in the your brief.

  • Almost every project starts on the drawing board, here at Realbuild we can help you with the planning stage
  • To make your ideas a successful reality, it’s important to get things right from the beginning, our team are always on hand to help you
  • The Architects we work with have a wealth of experience with the local planning authorities in the Brighton and throughout the south east
  • We will manage your project form Planning to Completion
  • Detailed Drawings to help visualise your project
  • Construction Drawings & Structural Calculations.


After talking through the design with you, defining the correct methods of construction for the specific build, Realbuild employ the services of an Architect who will put these ideas into a plan for the build or our team can work with your own architect. The Architect will ensure the new plans meet building regulations and local planning department policies.