New Builds

Realbuild New Build Services

Out team of professional skilled builders and ground workers have the necessary experience to take on all types of building and construction projects both large and small. We undertake specialist new builds to larger major contracts and we are able to offer a range of new build construction services, from the initial planning & design, building, fixtures, finishings and finer details and aesthetics of all new build projects in the Sussex area.

We believe that the key to creating the perfect home is in the design and that meets the clients aspirations, so it’s our fist job is to discuss the client’s needs and make sure these requirements are understood and correctly implemented into to the build.

If your are considering embarking on a New Build project please contact us via our contact page Here or call us on 0800 028 8388 to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to see how we can help with your New Build project.


Realbuild Refurbishment Services

Realbuild have a wealth of experience providing a wide range services for home improvements and refurbishments. Whether you require a complete strip down, a conversion of one property into apartments or smaller home improvements we have a dedicated team of skilled professionals to take on your project.

Our Refurbishing Services include the following:-

Roofing, Plastering, Electrical wiring, Paint and decorating, Window and door replacements, Installation of new central heating and hot water systems, New bathrooms and shower room, Tiling, Kitchen fitting, Landscaping, Driveways, Rebuilding structural walls.

If your are considering refurbishing your property please contact us via our contact page Here or call us on 0800 028 8388 to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to see how we can help.


RealBuild Property Extensions Services

Having a well built and designed extension is a great way to create more living space into your home and will also increase the value of the property. Here at Realbuild Ltd we have a wealth of experience and have a team of highly skilled builders to carryout your extension from start to finish. Realbuild Ltd are a leading building company in Brighton, Sussex and pride ourselves by carrying out our work in a quick, professional and effective manner, with a minimum of disruption and inconvenience to our customers.

Realbuild can help you to realise the perfect extension for your home.  Whether you are planning a large or small extension, we will always give you the same attention to detail and project planning at the start of the project, allowing the project to run as smoothly as possible and according to plan. You can see from our diverse range of projects undertaken, that we can take on building extensions of all types.   Adding an extension to your property is an excellent practical solution if you need to increase your living space. We can also help and guide you in terms of plans, design, materials and any advice you may need with planning and building regulations.

If your are considering having an Extension to your property please contact us via our contact page Here or call us on 0800 028 8388 to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to see how we can improve your property with a with an extension from Realbuild Ltd.

Loft Conversions

RealBuild Loft Conversions Services

In some properties it can be very difficult and expensive to add an extension in order to create more living space. A great alternative place to find more living space, which is often overlooked is in the loft area of the property. Realbuild can help you utilise this loft space by building a loft conversion designed to meet your specific needs and at a cost far less than you may think. We provide you with all help and guidance you need to make the correct decisions in terms of planning, design, materials, plumbing and room layouts.

Our experienced team of Brighton based skilled professionals can create the perfect loft conversion, transforming your loft space into new and useful living area.

As a part of our service we will always make structural checks to make sure your property is suitable for a loft conversion. After which we will provide you with an estimate of costs outlining every aspect of the build.

If your are considering having a Loft Conversion in Brighton, Sussex or surrounding areas, please contact us via our contact page Here or call us on 0800 028 8388 to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to see how we can improve your home with a loft conversion from Realbuild Ltd.


Types of Loft Conversions

If you are considering a loft conversion, it is important to understand the different options and types available and which type will suit your home and best utilise your loft space. There are four main types of loft conversions, Velux Conversions, Dormer Conversions, Mansard Conversions and Hip to Gable Conversions. There are many aspects you will need to take into consideration before making any decisions such as, the style of your existing roof, it’s height, floor space available, time frames and budget, your design preferences and planning.


Velux Conversions

Velux Conversions, otherwise known as Roof Light Conversions are basically the same. Velux are the leading manufacturer of roof windows in the UK and have been for the past 50 years. With this type of conversion the roof line stays unaltered and the Velux windows are installed flush to the roof line. Adding a Velux Conversion to your home is a very cost effective way of converting a loft space and usually no planning permission is necessary.


Dormer Conversions

A dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof. It protudes vertically from the sloping roof, creating more floor space and maximizing headroom. A Flat Roof dormer conversion has vertical walls and a horizontal roof and is probably the most common type in the Brighton area and throughout the UK. Although this type is not the most attractive externally it does provide you with the maximum amount of additional living space. An alternative to the more common Flat Roof Dormer is to have a Gable Fronted or Hipped Roof Dormer which do look more attractive from the outside but offer slightly less internal space. In many cases you are allowed to carry out the necessary building work without needing planning permission, although you will need to check this as sometimes planning is required.


Hip to Gable Conversions

Most properties which have Hip Roofs do not tend to have enough space inside for a worthwhile loft conversion, so having a Hip to Gable Conversion is the best solution. Having a Hip to Gable will mean having major structural changes to the existing roof. The Gable wall is built up the ridgline, a new section is then built filling the gap, this type of conversion will change the sloping side of the property from a Hipped Side to a Gable End, this will create a much larger loft space and usually creates that much needed extra space for a staircase. This type of conversion however does change the outline of the roof so you will more than likely need planning permission.


Mansard Loft Conversions

Mansard Loft Conversions are constructed at the rear of a property, they have a flat roof with a back wall sloping at 72 degrees with windows in small protuding dormers. Mansard Loft Conversion will almost certainly require planning permission due the changes in the roofs structure. This type was originally named after the a French Architect, named Francois Mansart.





For Loft Conversions Brighton, Sussex and Surrounding Areas
call Realbuild Ltd on 0800 028 8388

Property Maintenance

Realbuild Ltd are skilled building professionals offering all types of refurbishment and property maintenance services.  We have an excellent reputation in carrying out building work on commercial and residential properties, please see our testimonials here. We offer a comprehensive service and will take on almost all types property repairs, servicing and maintenance. You can be rest assured that all building works are carried out by our own team of highly skilled tradesman of which all are industry approved. There is no job too small and we can help you with anything from fixing a leak on you tap in your kitchen to the complete refurbishment or renovation of your property.

Construction Services

Realbuild offers a complete range of building, construction and property maintenance services.

We will carry out the building project in accordance to the building plans and be accountable for supplying the appropriate materials, tools and equipment and labour for building, construction or renovation of the new structure, building or site.

We are always here to help you through the building process, putting you in touch with the right architect and designer, providing construction ideas, tips, designs and everything you’ll need from start to completion.

Our services are ideal for all building projects – you’ll find it hard to source a better or more dedicated builder! Our services include:-

Newbuilds, Extensions, Renovations, Alteration, Loft Conversions, UPVC Doors & Windows, Roofing, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decorating, Landscaping, Drainage, Paving & Driveways, Architectural Drawings.

Project Management Service

Realbuilds Project Management allows for structured design, planning, overseeing, organising, and managing of the budget and resources required to complete your building project. We organise the various tradesmen and services, taking the pressure from you.

You will be kept up-to-date as the project progresses from start to finish.

  • First we will arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas and requirements, take general sizes of the property and get a good idea of what you want to achieve
  • After your requirements have been discussed we will send you a proposal
  • Arrange a meeting with our Architect to discuss your ideas and produce a sketch drawing
  • Submission of Planning permission. If you wish we can carryout out all the planning submission paperwork
  • After your plans have been approved we will then apply for all the required building regulations
  • Upon building regulation approval, we will then give you a quotation for the required work. At this stage we will discuss time frames and completion dates
  • We will then manage your building project from start to finish to your complete satisfaction

Design & Planning

Realbuilds Design service lays the foundation for making your dream home come to reality.

We identify the purpose of the construction and our clients needs and wishes, to ascertain your thoughts and ideas on the materials, colours and textures to be used in the build or on complementing an existing building. The process is to ensure all aspects of the design are achievable, will meet local planning requirements and tick all the boxes in the your brief.

  • Almost every project starts on the drawing board, here at Realbuild we can help you with the planning stage
  • To make your ideas a successful reality, it’s important to get things right from the beginning, our team are always on hand to help you
  • The Architects we work with have a wealth of experience with the local planning authorities in the Brighton and throughout the south east
  • We will manage your project form Planning to Completion
  • Detailed Drawings to help visualise your project
  • Construction Drawings & Structural Calculations.


After talking through the design with you, defining the correct methods of construction for the specific build, Realbuild employ the services of an Architect who will put these ideas into a plan for the build or our team can work with your own architect. The Architect will ensure the new plans meet building regulations and local planning department policies.